Kendall Jenner and NBA player Kyle Kuzma are together? The truth – find out

Kendall Jenner and NBA player Kyle Kuzma are together? The truth – find out.

Kendall Jenner and NBA player Kyle Kuzma have been in the middle of the controversy after they shared the day of independence together unleashing multiple rumors of a possible romance between them.

“The two went to spend the holidays as friends,” his source began. “They have run in the same circle for a while and there is no romantic relationship between them, Kendall enjoys being single after finishing things with Ben. Kendall Jenner after being with Jordan Clarkson, 27 years old, Blake Griffin, 30, and Ben Simmons, 22 all star players of the NBA, many believe that he liked that dessert and that is why he is with Kyle Kuzma.

But the supposed truth is that “There’s nothing else with them, it’s just friendly.” Although it can not be missed that something can happen since the two are single and even beautiful couple do.

Jenner and Simmons spent a year dating and having fun. People reported in May that it was Jenner who called him. “They’re on a break,” a source close to Jenner told the store at the time. “The relationship went on, she decided to spend time with her friends and she’s going back to being in the fun mode.”

Kendall Jenner and NBA player Kyle

According to rumors the break of Ben with Kendall happened more for the bad mood than for anything else, Ben had a bad season in the NBA since his team the Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated from the Playoffs of the NBA 2019 after they were defeated 92 -90, but Ben does not stop and is practicing very hard.

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