The freedom of Asap Rocky and his arrival in the USA – NEWS

The freedom of Asap Rocky and his arrival in the USA – NEWS.

Suddenly the freedom of Asap Rocky was something surprising for everyone since according to the scenario he was living was a bit unfavorable. But the rapper is back in the United States although the verdict is still missing in a Swedish assault. case against him and two other Americans Los Angeles television stations report.

As reported by the portal “Tmz” Asap Rocky was very happy upon arrival at the US airport after a long flight from Sweden. this after the judges in his criminal case allowed him to leave the country while rejecting the verdict which was beneficial for him. 30-year-old implement, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, left Stockholm Arlanda airport on Friday.

The 30-year-old was so happy upon arrival that it took about 45 minutes to take a picture and laugh with the fans. As they report to the rapper they gave him the privilege of returning to his country since all the signs point to a verdict of no guilt.

The freedom of Asap Rock?

The key point of the case was a green bottle that prosecutors claimed was that the rapper hurt the alleged victim. But according to all the witnesses of the case they never saw a green bottle and according to the judges they saw in the video the rapper is not seen with this object. According to Asap, he will never return to Sweden although many expressed the racial issue but never took this argument into account. Donald Trump also made a statement after the artist left.

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